Important Car Rider Announcement

North Salem has established a new and safer car rider route!

Parents will be now be required to fill out a form to receive a car rider permit. Once the application is complete, parents will receive a car rider tag to place on their rear view mirrors.

There will be a new car rider route, as well. Cars will be directed to keep to the right, as before, but now they will drive around the back of the building in a single-file line. The cars will stop at the yellow line marked near the back entrance of our building. Staff members will be looking for the car rider tag and number at drop-off and pick-up times.

This will add an extra layer of security for our students and expedite the car rider process for all. Applications will be sent home to parents in the welcome back letter. We will be accepting completed forms during the first week of school and it is our hope to have this procedure up and running by the second week of school. All parents must have a car rider permit by September 2, 2014, or they will be required to park in the visitor section and sign in at the office to pick up their child.

Your support, patience, and cooperation will be greatly appreciated as we work to improve this process.

Dave Unger Sports Day

Thursday is North Salem’s Dave Unger Sports Day.

Students should wear sneakers and pod colors.
Please apply sunscreen, as the activities will be held outside, weather permitting.

For more information on Dave Unger and why this is a North Salem tradition, click here.



PSSA testing begins Monday, March 31 and will run through April 3 for grades 3-6.

Grade 5 will also take the PSSA writing test on April 9 and 10.

Please encourage our students to eat a great breakfast, get lots of rest,
and show what they know!  Let’s rock the PSSAs, North Salem!